johan schulte biography



Johan Schulte is a easygoing guy, dad and versitile and visionairy composer / producer. Creator of epic dreamworlds and mindbending beats. He is given an unique capability that translates a single picture into a track, extended play or a full Album.


Morpheus EX is the “Cinematic” Trance / EDM side of Johan Schulte. Dreamworld creator: Morpheus EX combindes mindbending atmosphere with epic cinematic influences in a journey in to sound. 


He is no aspiring DJ there are already thousands and more DJ’s in the world. Johan Schulte prefers to focus on composing / producing music. In addition, he doesn’t like DJing and doesn’t get a challenge out of it. He likes to leave that to people who are very good at DJing, for example DJs such as Charlotte de Witte, Armin van Buren, David Guetta.


Born in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, he grew up in a poor but very happy family. Spent all his money and time on music: Vinyl’s, Cassetes, CD’s, listening to the radio Top 40, annual mixes and recording awsome music from the eighties. 
The early influences came from Frankie goos to Hollywood, The petshopboys, Michel Jackson, The KLF, George Micheal, Vivaldi and more recently Armin van Buren, Tiesto, Cosmic Gate. 
He started with zero musical theoretical knowledge and experience. Johan learns the most optimal by doing stuf, he easily absorbs new knowledge and skills. 
After he quit photography, which he started at the age of twelve, he sold all his photography gear thirty-four years later and invested the money in music equipment, he started the first year  mainly with music theory and watching YouTube videos to learn the basic skills. His journey got started somewhere in 2020 making dance music.  Al do his first release was an epic cinematic track. It was a prequal of getting the right skills, an experiment that wasn’t very successful. Two years later he quit his alias “Tapestreamer” and started under his own name Johan Schulte. His first alias “Tapestreamer” was the foundation of skills by creating music and he had the courage to release his music al do it was not so perfect. 


When he has time next to his large family with twelve kids, he composes music in the kitchen on his DAW at the table or on the piano. He doesn’t like a studio because it doesn’t inspire him. Johan draws inspiration from everyday life wachting a movie with his wife or going to the park with the kids on a sunny day, enjoying music, making his own ice cream, chilling in his garden with a Sangria on a lazy sunday afternoon. 

He has no limits in experimenting with styles and genres. Hey loves to compose music from many different genres and blend them in. Johan works as fullcontact composer, from a idea, very often he has a picture in his head, to the final mix and master of a track. He works as a independent composer / producer, with love beyond passion and musical freedom, there must be room for commercial and non-commercial music. In addition, merging different music styles and genres together.


Johan is a big music lover he likes almost all types of music, also te get inpired, if it sounds good then it’s good that’s his philosophy.