JOHAN SCHULTE - Ethereal Paradox LP

Release : Scheduled for the 1st of September 2023

Discover a unique soundscape of dreamy strings and soulful beats – Johan Schulte’s second album, Ethereal Paradox.

Ethereal Paradox is an atmospheric journey with cinematic strings and a beat-driven layer that will take you on a captivating experience to explore new sonic spaces. This powerful combination of dreamy strings, soulful beats and stimulating soundscapes will make you feel like you’re in another world.

Leave the everyday behind and enter into Johan Schulte’s musical universe. Allow yourself to be transported away with this emotionally charged album, perfect for any time or place.

Let Ethereal Paradox take you on an unforgettable journey today! Download it now and immerse yourself in Johan Schulte’s unique audio experience.

Track list

01. Departure From The Past
02. Forced Dimension Part I
03. Forced Dimension Part II
04. Cryptozoology
05. Blurred Sadism
06. Deep Sin
07. Oblivion
08. Skeleton Part I
09. Skeleton Part II
10. Skeleton Part III
11. Juggernaut
12. Triangle
13. Ethereal Paradox