IMPERATIVE DREAMS album johan schulte


Released : 2 september 2022

Start your journey with Johan Schulte and his mesmerizing album “Imperative Dreams”!

Listen to the fresh waves of dreamy melodies and chill beats. Be mesmerized by catchy beats and lyrics, created not only as a full contact artist but with absolutely no help from any record labels. Blasphamy the Question will make you ask yourself many questions!

Be part of this incredible journey of creativity, music and progress! With his first album, Johan Schulte wrote history – let yourself be inspired by the power of art.

Experience the magic of Imperative Dreams on the 2nd of September 2022 – don’t miss out on this monumental event!


1. 808 the Vintage

2. Imperative Dreams

3.Blasphamy the Question

4.Disonant Scream

5.Cityscape Damage 

6.Distance Between Lights

7. The Survival

8. Frozen Air

9. The Nightmares

10. Sillouettes of Shades

11.Stoicisme Applied

12.Time Traveler