the extractor johan schulte


Release : 2 February 2024

Immerse yourself in the cinematic world of epic music!


Johan Schulte, the acclaimed composer behind countless awe-inspiring soundtracks, has just unveiled his latest masterpiece: “The Extractor.” Inspired by the adrenaline-fueled blockbuster “Extraction,” starring the incomparable Chris Hemsworth, this track will transport you to a realm of intensity and emotion.


Experience the power of “The Extractor” as it ignites your senses and takes you on an epic journey. Let Johan Schulte’s enchanting melodies and soaring orchestration captivate your imagination, leaving you breathless and craving for more.


Elevate your music collection with “The Extractor,” available now. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary composition that will bring a touch of cinematic brilliance to your life. Get ready to be swept away by the magic of Johan Schulte’s artistry.